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Our wonderful bartender and mixologist, Sam, has designed some delicious cocktails for you to try at home during lockdown. Relax after a tough week with our delicious take on a Dark and Stormy!

Ingredients (serves 1)

35ml Dark rum
Crabbies ginger beer
50ml Chai concentrate*
Half lime, juiced
Slice of lime for garnish

Chai Concentrate:

500ml Water

1 or 2 Strong chai tea bags

3 Cardamom pods

2 Cloves

1tsp Black peppercorns

Maple syrup, sweeten to taste


Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the fresh lime juice, chai concentrate and Crabbies ginger beer. Float the rum on top. Garnish with a slice of fresh lime, sit back and enjoy!

*Chai concentrate: Bring all the ingredients to the boil on the stove. Let the mixture cool and strain.

You can make this a delicious non alcoholic drink too - replace the Crabbies with a non alcoholic ginger beer (Fevertree is good) and float the chai concentrate on top rather than the rum.

For a full demonstration, you can see Sam in action on our Facebook page.

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